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BEC conceptualized their approach to our culture and created the hard side/soft side approach to developing healthy, high performing organizations...
As president of Nationwide Health Plans, a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance, I engaged Boniface Edward Consulting to develop our work teams and Leadership...
We engaged Boniface Edward Consulting during a time when our workload significantly increased and had to deal with the structure of company and initiate complex change to meet...
Vince Johnson is a very good communicator who knows how to bring people together...


At Boniface Edward Consulting we show how integrating the technical outputs of your business, with the people outputs is a guarantee for repeatable success. Our T-Account™ model provides a quick and valid assessment of exactly how Operationally Excellent your organization is on a real time basis by multiplying the Technical outputs by the People outputs. This allows for pinpointing opportunities to drive performance to the next level.

Clearly stated Success Strategies
(Has the vision/mission of the organization been clearly articulated in a way that it is operation to all levels)
  Clearly stated company values
(Do team members connect with the values of the organization on a person level? Is there a method in place to facilitate this process?)
Discipline and effective methods to remove barriers to success
(Are the systems/processes being continually improved to meet the overall organization goals?)
  Defined and executed behaviors to drive each business opportunity
(Are the behaviors which drive success at the process level franchised across each team?)
Well designed and applied technology to produce information and services
(Are there proper governance and procedures in place to prioritize technology enhancements which drive the core business processes?)
  Formal Communication processes to ensure customer /client satisfaction. Feedback, Knowledge Management and Collaboration to increase the speed of Action.
(Does the environment promote the giving/receiving of feedback? Do team members posses the skills and opportunities to formally build capability?)

Technical Excellence X People Excellence
Example: TE of 80% X PE 80% = 64% OE
High Performance traditionally is ≥ 70%