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BEC is a formula based performance improvement practice.

Vincent Johnson


Vincent Johnson is the Managing Director and founder of Boniface Edward Consulting.

“I named the company after two of my brothers who have passed this life and continue to inspire my actions.”

Incorporated in Columbus, Ohio in 2000, the firm has served a broad base of clients in industries such as Oil, Transportation, Manufacturing, Health Care, Financial Services and Insurance. Where there are people there exist imperfections and opportunities for improvement.

“I have lived in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America and traveled throughout Asia setting up companies. My most profound learning from this experience is that workforces around the globe have more in common than they have differences. The commonalities are: People want to do a good job, work in a positive and supportive environment, and share in the success of the company.”

The T-Account Model for Operational Excellence™

At Boniface Edward Consulting we show how integrating the technical outputs of your business, with the people outputs is a guarantee for repeatable success. Our T-Account Operational Excellence Model™ provides a quick and valid assessment of exactly how Operationally Excellent your organization is on a real time basis by multiplying the Technical outputs by the People outputs. This allows you to pinpoint opportunities and drive performance to extremely high levels.

“We realize that companies do not have to have this type of environment to make a profit. But they do have to have this type of environment to make as much profit as is possible on a consistent basis.”